Behind the scenes

When Hanna Met Peanuts


Like many people the world over, the wonderful creations of Charles M. Schulz have touched our lives and taught us innumerable lessons about love and friendship. We were so honored and excited to bring Charlie Brown and the whole Peanuts gang into the Hanna family with our exclusive Camp Beagle collection, featuring tees, tanks, sleepwear and backpacks (our first ever!).

As part of our partnership with Peanuts, we were invited to go visit the Charles M. Schulz Museum and campus in Santa Rosa, California. There we met with Jean Schulz, Charles’ widow and curator of the museum, for a lovely lunch and a personalized tour of his private studio, kept exactly as he left it. Schulz himself drew every single frame of each Peanuts comic strip by hand. Stepping in to his hallowed workspace felt like going in to a time warp and it was an extremely inspiring journey to see the place where pure comedic genius occurred for so many years.

After breaking ground in 2000 and finally opening to the public in 2002, The Charles M. Schulz Museum has seen over 500,000 visitors from around the world and hosted 122 Cartoonists-in-Residence. It houses the largest collection of original Peanuts art work in the world and is a true celebration of the life and talent behind one of the world’s most beloved cartoonists.

After our studio visit, we asked our designer Katie a few questions about meeting with the Schulz team, what makes Hanna and Peanuts such a good fit, plus her faves from the collaboration. See below!

What was the most interesting part of your visit to the Schulz Museum and studio?

"It was a treat to see the studio he where he drew the Peanuts comics, it was like looking at a special piece of history. We got to see his desk, his chair, his drawing supplies, his library. The space is how he left it and felt a bit like walking into a time capsule.  Peanuts is a part of American culture and so well known, it was really special to see the “behind the scenes” and to know that the creator is just as loved and cherished as the characters we all know so well."

What do you think makes Peanuts & Hanna such a great match?


"I think Hanna apparel and Peanuts characters are such a natural pairing because both have a classic appeal and are well loved by their followers. Aesthetically, Hanna is known for our stripes, quality long johns and clothing, and clean Swedish design. Peanuts has Schulz’ unique line work and easily identifiable characters, so it's fun to put them together because they balance so well off of each other and don’t compete. That’s why I love the Spring '15 collection we launched with. It combined our bold stripes with really clean graphics and prints of Lucy, Charlie, Linus, and Snoopy. The characters were really able to shine on their own, but were clearly hannas.

Also, Peanuts is appealing to people of all ages and the characters all have their own unique qualities and flaws, which makes them really relatable. I think this message matches so well with Hanna! We know that every child is different, has a story, and their own way of doing things, or wearing things, and that’s ok!"

What are your favorite prints or pieces from the latest collection?

"From the whole Fall collection, I love the blue grounded print with the Peanuts Gang - it's a pretty simple print because the characters are cute as they are. A boy or girl could wear it and I love that I got the chance to use it on our first Peanuts backpacks and lunch boxes too! From the Camp Beagle Group, I love the blue and grey boys tee with Woodstock roasting a marshmallow behind his back - it's a silly and fun graphic on a classic hanna tee, without any fuss."

We can't thank the Peanuts team enough for their warm welcome and letting us into their world. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and we can't wait to go back! See the whole Peanuts x Hanna Andersson collection here and stay tuned for exciting new arrivals for Holiday! For more information about the Charles M. Schulz Museum visit here.