Behind the scenes

Hanna Model Interview: Meet Chelsea!

It's such a special treat for us at Hanna to be able to work with so many smart and amazing kids. They bring so much life and inspiration to our photo shoots and it's not uncommon for us to work with the same littles over and over again for years. Over time (well, sometimes it only takes a day!), we form a special bond and a lot of our models certainly are like family. One of those people is Chelsea, also known as STELLA! on set (aka her stage name). A total pro through and through, we've been lucky enough to work with her season after season. 

At our last shoot we had Chelsea fill out a little questionnaire so you could get to know her too! Welcome to our new series “Meet the Model.”

Name: Chelsea Kipnis
Age: 8
Hometown: Ocean Township, New Jersey

Do you have a signature model pose?
"Yes, kissey lips!"

What's your favorite song to dance to on set?
"Trouble" by Iggy Azalea

What do you want to do when you grow up?
"I want to be a gymnast!"

What's the coolest thing you did so far this year?
"I went skiing in Vermont"

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?

What's your favorite book?
"Amber Brown Goes Fourth"

What is one food you DON'T like?
"Tuna fish"

What is your favorite memory?
"My cat Nino"

What do you like best about modeling?
"Meeting new people"

What are your best traits?
"My eyes"

What you do love to learn about?
"I love to learn how to speak Italian"

What are you most excited to do next?
"Go to Myrtle Beach in spring break!"


Thanks Chelsea! We love you!