Behind the scenes

A Littles Party at Hanna HQ

The air was misty, leaves skipping in the wind, and dozens of little baby elves and gnomes made their way to the Hanna Headquarters on December 4, 2015. To make new friends, spread holiday cheer... and give mommas an hour of relief! 

wearing the  Classic Bold Stripes ,  santa ,  elf  and  gnome  hats. 

wearing the Classic Bold Stripes, santa, elf and gnome hats. 

We invited our local Hanna family here in Portland, Oregon to visit us, say hi, chitter chatter over coffee and pastries. And get an exclusive preview of the upcoming Spring Collection. Dozens of baby faces, mommas, grandmas, nanny's and pappas made an appearance and we couldn't be more happy to open our doors, and welcome you in. 

Hanna Andersson Baby Meetup
Classic Bold Striped Sleepers

If you have a little one celebrating baby's first holidays, capture those precious moments and share them with #hannajams. We'd love the see and share. More of the party on instagram: @happyhannas