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Our Etsy Partnerships: Cubby Love

Two weeks ago in Kenwood, Ohio, we unveiled our brand new store design that we have been working on, rather tirelessly, for the past year. Style-wise it was a huge departure from our previous stores and we are so thrilled with how it all came together.

One aspect we were really passionate about from the start was the desire to incorporate homemade and crafted elements in to our retail experience. Since our clothing (especially our knitwear and sweaters) has such a special handmade artisan quality, we wanted to mimic that uniqueness and craft aspect in the d├ęcor.

To achieve this, we reached out to some of our favorite Etsy artists to collaborate on some one-of-a-kind art pieces we could showcase in-store. This is how we met Cubby Love founder and designer Magda Buffalino.

Catch a glimpse of her at work in this beautifully-shot video:

Working from her design studio in Brisbane, Australia, Buffalino's line of housewares is ethically sourced and locally-made. Her signature pieces are wooden bunting and various tactile wall hangings and planters. (Although, she makes a pretty sweet pom-pom pillow too!)

Below are two of the pieces we commissioned slightly altered versions of for our store. We're so in love!  We hung these in the girls section and they brought so much energy to the room. We love how playful and whimsical Buffalino's work is. The fact that each one is a totally handmade and a unique is just the icing on the felt-ball covered cake!

Over the rainbow bunting by Cubby Love

Over the rainbow bunting by Cubby Love

Funner than your wall by Cubby Love

Funner than your wall by Cubby Love

You can see more by visiting Cubby Love's online shop here. Or find her on etsy!

Stay tuned for more on our other etsy partners as well.