Behind the scenes

Behind the Scenes: Our Holiday Shoot!

We spend so much time in "photoshoot land" at hanna, we're constantly hopping from one season to the next! It's exhausting but oh-so-fun. Since we work so far in advance (we're just days away from shooting Summer '15 in Hawaii if you can believe it!) it's easy to forget about what's going on in the moment. And what is happening right now is holiday, so we thought it was the right time to share a behind the scenes look at our Winter/Holiday shoot.

Our holiday shoot took place all the way back in June at Jack Studios in NYC, our go-to spot. Click on the photos below to see their full size:

Since we do so many shoots each year, the crew and models really become like family. There's so many moms, dads, babies, and kids running around, it's like a crazy family reunion each time. We like to use as many of the same kids as we can. As you can probably imagine getting that perfect shot isn't always so easy. Toddlers in particular, are by far the hardest (but also cutest!) to shoot. Once they start walking, getting them to hold still for a camera usually takes an entire army of entertainers. Pro-tip: Dancing, singing and basically acting as ridiculous as possible is key!

The theme for our holiday shoot this year is "COZY" so we wanted everything on set to have a really tactile and soft feel. This meant our prop stylist Martin - otherwise known as the man behind the yarn - had to spend hours and hours yarn bombing everything in sight. Luckily he came prepared with a knitting machine (something we didn't even know existed!) to help make the job easier.

Also, this time around we had an extra friend on set. His name was Samson and he was a rescue dog we hired to model our special holiday doggie jams. He was the sweetest dog ever, but our photographer did manage to catch one snarly face, which was all the more funny due to Samson's complete and utter preciousness.

To see the final results of this shoot and shop our Holiday looks, head over HERE.